2005-08-02 19:17

Deployments and stuff

Have been reading the planets lately (I mean planetkde.org and planet.gnome.org, not astrology) and run into posts by Aaron Seigo and Luis Villa which are, let's say, interesting.

Luis' post took me to this page which is interesting too, and I would like to see something like it for KDE (and I am sure it is somewhere, but I can't seem to find it)

And I don't mean the page is interesting only for having Australia listed as an asian country ;-)

Some of the items talk about hundreds of thousands (or hundreds of millions) of desktops, and others talk about 11 seats.

Is there nothing in the middle, or is it just not reported?

I decided to put out another datapoint.

Here in Argentina, the best-selling OS has KDE as the default desktop. It's a Linux from Pixart , and is more or less what on other countries is sold as Xandros.

It seems Pixart made some development work for Corel, and then for Xandros when they bought the linux distro business. Their boss is the former (?) boss of Corel argentina, too.

Almost every whitebox clone is sold with one of their distros installed and preconfigured.

Oh, sure, most of them get wiped out and replaced with a stolen windows xp in 24 hours, but it's quite a number. Think 100K or 200K sold each year, at least.

Of some concern is that some of the GNOME deployments used to be KDE deployments. For example, the Sao Paulo telecentros used to be Conectiva boxes with KDE (and windows, in dualboot).

The City of Largo used KDE for quite a while.

But what the heck, we are both desktops squeezed into a ketchup bottle, there's a whole world outside to spread into ;-)


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