2005-03-07 23:59

Ok, so not **everyone** read my calculator rant

First of all, a note: I intend all this post as encouragement to Emiliano, the author of Kalcoolus.

You see, he turned bc into a on-screen keyboard thing . I don't like that UI much .

I can't post comments on kde-look (forgot my id, or maybe never registered), and I am not going to register just for this, but it's interesting to see how the same idea is recycled over and over and over.

This app seems to be a conflation of the following:

  • Writing frontends is good, because you don't need to write the hard part
  • A GUI calculator has to look like the real thing, in the name of usability

Well, the bad news is: writing frontends is fragile. What you want are libraries. And if GUIs had to look like the real thing, the UI to Skype would be a numpad, the UI to Amarok would look like an Ipod, and the UI to KWord would look different .

So, please, Emiliano, put a CLI in it. Pretty please? :-)


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