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About to waste a lot of people's time.

I'm writ­ing a clone of Be­jew­eled.

If it's half as much fun as the orig­i­nal, it's gonna kill pro­duc­tiv­i­ty for a while.

Here's the cur­rent ver­sion. You can ac­tu­al­ly play it al­ready, it keeps score, and ev­ery­thing.

Sure, it has no sound, and you can't lose, but it's nice ;-)

The tiles are, of course, just a temp job.

an anonymous coward / 2006-04-03 12:03:

What is the game principle?

Anonymous / 2006-04-03 12:04:

Where's the download link? ;-)

Roberto Alsina / 2006-04-03 12:04:

You switch a piece with a neighbour piece.

You can only do it if, by switching, you form at least a three-in-a-row

Whenever there is a three-or-more in a row, those pieces vanish, and the ones on top cascade down, and new random pieces appear on top.

Larger groups removed add more points per piece.

You can play either by time (against a clock that you push by eliminating pieces), or until there are no moves left (neither mode is done).

Anonymous / 2006-04-03 12:05:

Vaporware!!! ;)

Roberto Alsina / 2006-04-03 12:05:

It's not available yet ;-)

jose m. fernández / 2006-04-03 12:07:

Looks really promising. I'm addicted to gweled! xDD

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