2004-09-20 12:34

I'm a lucky guy

No, I haven't won the lottery or anything. And no, it's not becuse I'm in love (but I am). It's just that I look at the 33 years I have spent around and notice that:

I have never had anything really terrible happen to me. Sure, small problems, even large problems, but no stuff like loss of a limb.

I have never been really poor. Mind you, many reading this live in places where being poor means you have to ask for welfare (which I haven't), but here, being really poor means you die sleeping in the street. Or you go to prison and rot. Or you watch your own children starve.

Sure, I've had days when I didn't have enough to buy the newspaper. But I still had food in the fridge (and a fridge), and a roof to put the fridge under.

I have never been unemployed. Sure, I don't have a job that pays every month, but I earn my own money, and haven't had to ask anyone for anything in a very long while, except as a very short term loan.

I like what I do. It's easy (at least for me), leaves me enough days off to be with Rosario, is not phisically exhausting. Usually it's done in air-conditioned offices. It lets me rationalize my craving for gadgets as job-related.

I managed to ride some of the worse times in this country's history and come out on my feet.

I am not dead inside.

I don't give a damn about stuff that's undeserving.

I still feel a need to help people when I can, but I can live with not helping those I can't. I have accepted I can't save everyone, so I try to save the ones I can, yet I don't forget the rest.

I haven't fallen into religion, nationalism, politics, greed, or any of the multiple traps that grab you and don't let you be a real human.

My family is well, with the usual allowances for human trouble, and I actually like each one of them.

All in all, I'm a fucking lucky son of a bitch.


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