2004-09-15 14:16

What's cool about skype

For Rob: (No, I won't bother registering in a site to be able to post a comment, so this is easier).

Without even considering the political stuff, which I don't give a damn about, here's what I find nice about having Skype in Linux:

  • You can use skypeout and call long distance or international very cheaply
  • You can replace your company-wide phone system with it (or never bother to install phones), although I prefer to use {gnome,net}meeting or ophone for this sort of thing.
  • It does work from behind a firewall, which is what hasn't let me use MSN or similar AV systems.
  • Since it works on Linux, I can use it.

Of course all this assumes Skype works as advertised. But if you know of an alternative that can do all that, that would be even better!

I agree that for local calls, if you have little need for a phone, it may make no sense. Sometimes. In some places, local calls are free. Here, I pay by the minute.

Skype would save money in some cases, when I need to have a two-hour-long talk with a client.

In short: would I prefer to have a free, open source program that does all the above? Sure! (although I can't imagine how Skypeout could be free).

Would I prefer not to have Skype? Hell no!

So, while not ideal, it's good. And if it's good... well, that's good, isn't it? Then why gripe?


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