2004-09-10 14:01

Shopping for a notebook

Ok, I want to retire my notebook. It's about to turn 10 years old, which is about 270 in notebook years, so it's time.

I've been researching a bit, and here's my requirements:

  • Cheap. About USD 950 would be fine
  • Small.
  • Light.
  • Enough power to run KDE decently.
  • Should work with linux. Nothing very fancy, but it being able to suspend would be nice ;-)
  • DVD reader, CD writer. DVD writer would be nicer but consider cost.

I've been looking tenderly at a Averatec 3220. It seems to fulfill all the requirements except it seems not to work so well with Linux.

Before anyone say it's not powerful enough: My desktop has a slower CPU (A Duron) and I like it just fine.

The screen is rather smallish, but that's part of being small and light, I consider the 12" screen a plus.

If anyone knows of a better system in this price range (the Averatec can be found for about USD 890 or so), or of a cheaper way to get one, please comment here!


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