2004-09-03 18:49

Back in the saddle

Should start posting stuff again now. Wait, this is a post! Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Lots of things happened in this very long break, so I won't bother even mentioning any of them, except one, which I promised to.

I am in love. And I will, as promised (to her), post a little love letter in my blog, and invite comments.

Since the long postless period probably means nobody reads my page anymore except when finding it via google, I invite anyone reading it in planetkde or wherever, to go to my page using the handy link that should be somewhere around this text, and post a comment if you want.

Be nice, please, because deleting comments from pycs is somewhat of a chore.

And here it goes:

Rosario, I love you. Sometimes you think I don't, but that's just because my skills of facial and verbal expression are awful. I love you when you act silly, or pout, or say wild stuff.

I don't love you because you pout or act silly, but pouting and sillyness is simply the accent, loveliness is the language that you speak, and I can't do anyhting but listen to it.

These last two months have been mostly happy for me, and when they weren't, they were happier than they would have been without you, and I hope you felt the same thing.

Now you blush, girl.

Comming soon, the usual technical drivel.


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