2004-04-13 19:13

Back in the mines

So, I'm back after a 9-day trip to the beach... relaxed, strong, happy... and TV-less since it seems to have burned something inside when I turned it on yesterday.

Oh, well, who needs it anyway.

And next week I'm seeing Kill Bill Vol. 2!

I am a Tarantino fan, and it has so far scored 100% at the tomatometer (www.rottentomatoes.com), so it seems to be good!

On a professional level, I just nabbed enough support contracts to do what I want to do this year.

A reasonable fixed income is something I haven't had in a couple of years, it has been up-and-down, great months and bad months, with a rather nice average, but...

I needed a fixed income this year because I intend to save a couple thousand dollars for september.

Why? Because I am going to meet a fellow KDE developer, the one that's closest going east from Buenos Aires...


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