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Trying to code

I am trying to hack some stuff. I have not written any "releasable" stuff in a while. A LONG while. In fact, I am finding that I have physical problems coding.

For the first cou­ple of days, my fin­gers bloat­ed, and cracked when flexed. But now they are just fine. I nev­er thought your hands could rust!

As for what I am do­ing, I am look­ing at pack­age man­age­men­t. I think all GUI pack­age man­agers suck. Ok, not suck, but I think the whole idea of how they work is wrong.

Now, how ex­act­ly would I like it to work? I am not 100% sure yet, and there are ob­sta­cles such as no damn docs at all for libapt.
I mean, for chris­sakes, how hard is it to add a cou­ple of com­ments in­to each func­tion as you go defin­ing them????

Once you do that, use doxy­gen, kdoc, or what­ev­er, and you get doc­s. But no, all there is is a few HTML pages (which prob­a­bly took longer to write) which de­scribe ... THE BACK­END. Oh, sure, that would be use­ful if I wrote a reim­ple­men­ta­tion of ap­t. But who wants to do that?

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