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Free fonts!

I saw an ar­ti­cle on the news­pa­per about an event called Le­tras Lati­nas, a sort of ty­po­graph­ic con­ven­tion, and it said that there would be about 300 fonts dis­played, and that the pub­lic would be able to down­load them.

Guess what, you al­ready can! (y­ou have to dig around a lit­tle, though) In fac­t, there´s sev­er­al hun­dred fonts, if you both­er go­ing to the au­thor´s web­sites.

In the past, I ob­tained rights to dis­trib­ute some 400 fonts just by ask­ing the au­thors. These lack li­cense in­for­ma­tion, but I may do it again, if I have the time.

Some are pret­ty good. For ex­am­ple, Es­crit­u­ra Px is a nice bit­map font, and some of the "text fonts" are re­al­ly not bad (brasil­i­a, for ex­am­ple).

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