2012-01-17 18:37

Antonio María Delgado is an ignorant

Antonio María Delgado writes for the Miami New Herald. I would dare guess he's supposed to know english, even if he writes in spanish.

Let's backtrack a bit. The Economist publishes (as it has done for a while), something called the "Misery Index", which attempts to capture the countries where people are feeling miserable, and rank them.

So, Mr. Delgado goes, reads that, sees Venezuela near the top, and I can imagine the idea lightbulb brightening to a dazzling 0.5 watts, his scream of "political angle!" and the rush to write this:

"Venezuela se ubicó el año pasado en el segundo puesto del "Indice de Miseria" elaborado por la revista británica The Economist..."

The problem, dear english reader, is that "miseria" doesn't mean "misery". It means "poverty". In fact, it means "extreme poverty". And thus, Mr. Delgado makes it seem as if the Economist is saying Venezuela is the second poorest country (in some sense).

While I personally dislike Chavez, this is either ignorant, or stupid. Your call.


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