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A new stage, blah blah blah

You sure­ly have seen a mil­lion posts like this one. Hack­er X starts say­ing what a great time he had at com­pa­ny Y/­col­lege/­mom's base­men­t/the cir­cus and how he will al­ways miss the peo­ple there but any­way it's great to look for­ward to the chal­lenge of life at com­pa­ny Z/unem­ploy­men­t/feng shui con­sult­ing/ele­fant ex­cre­ment shov­el­ing.

Well, this one is pret­ty much the same thing.

I start­ed work­ing at Canon­i­cal to­day. Yes, Canon­i­cal. The Ubun­tu guys. You may won­der what a dyed-in-the-­wool KDE guy is go­ing to do there. Well, it's a job, dude, the 90s called and they want their flame­fest back.

I am the new "Engi­neer­ing Man­ag­er for the Desk­top+ group". What the heck is that? Well, my job is to help a bunch of tal­ent­ed peo­ple I like (at least the ones I've known so far ;-) de­liv­er cool soft­ware.

I will prob­a­bly not be cod­ing much, since this is a grownup job, the kind where in­stead of lines of code you are sup­posed to de­vel­op gas­tric ul­cers and re­ced­ing hair­lines while you herd cats to the clos­est cat shed, but I will prob­a­bly man­age to do some­thing, some­times.

This po­si­tion came at a good time for me. My kid is go­ing to be 4 next year and go to school all day. What the heck was I gonna do at home all day then, watch ani­me? Build killer robot­s? Plan how to con­quer the world?

And what hap­pens to my pre­vi­ous job? Well... I still have it some­how. I own a piece of Net Man­agers (http://net­man­ager­s.­ but I will be step­ping away from the dai­ly man­age­ment and op­er­a­tion of the busi­ness.

So, ba­si­cal­ly, I in­tend to take the mon­ey and dump the work on the backs of my ca­pa­ble part­ners (just kid­ding). In any case, the com­pa­ny can work just as well with­out me since we can now maybe hire an em­ploy­ee in­stead of pay­ing me, so it's win/win ;-)

On oth­er news, I will still work in the same ta­ble as the last 5 years, do­ing some of the same things, with dif­fer­ent peo­ple. It does­n't sound so big when said like that, uh? Well, I will trav­el more, and there are in­ter­est­ing chal­lenges in this new job.

In short: canon­i­cal, lit­tle cod­ing, still own net­man­ager­s, hap­py guy.


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