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People believe anything on the Internet.

I just saw this on a place I won't both­er link­ing:

This oc­to­ber has 5 fri­days, 5 sat­ur­days and 5 sun­days. This hap­pens on­ly ev­ery 823 years. And I am ground­ed all mon­th!

Re­al­ly, it's not worth link­ing to be­cause it's ev­ery­where

There are vari­a­tion­s, of course, 5 sun­day/­mon­day/tues­days, dif­fer­ent month­s, etc.

But why are peo­ple fall­ing for that? I mean, it's pret­ty ob­vi­ous if you think 2 min­utes that there's no way it can be true!

  1. The length of oc­­to­ber is fixed (31 days).

  2. Since weeks are 7 days, you have 4 weeks + 3 days in oc­­to­ber.

  3. If oc­­to­ber starts on a fri­­day, those last three days are go­ing to be fri­­day/sat­ur­­day/­­sun­­day.

So, for this thing to be true, Oc­to­ber 1st would have to be a fri­day on­ly once ev­ery 823 years. Sounds pret­ty stupid when you say it that way, right?

I re­al­ly have no idea how any­one with half a brain can fall for it, but I have seen peo­ple I know have a func­tion­al cor­tex do it. Com­ments en­cour­aged :-)


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