2010-09-18 01:55

Introducing Aranduka

Yes, it's yet another program I am working on. But hey, the last few I started are actually pretty functional already!

And... I am not doing this one alone, which should make it more fun.

It's an eBook (or just any book?) manager, that helps you keep your PDF/Mobi/FB2/whatever organized, and should eventually sync them to the device you want to use to read them.

What works now? See the video!

In case that makes no sense to you:

  • You can get books from FeedBooks. Those books will get downloaded, added to your database, tagged, the cover fetched, etc. etc.

  • You can import your current folder of books in bulk.

    Aranduka will use google and other sources to try to guess (from the filename) what book that is and fill in the extra data about it.

  • You can "guess" the extra data.

    By marking certain data (say, the title) as reliable, Aranduka will try to find some possible books that match then you can choose if it's right.

    Of course you can also edit that data manually.

And that's about it. Planned features:

  • Way too many to list.

The goals are clear:

  • It should be beautiful (I know it isn't!)
  • It should be powerful (not yet!)
  • It should be better than the "competition"

If those three goals are not achieved, it's failure. It may be a fun failure, but it would still be a failure.


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