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Random photos from my phone

A few days ago I finally got my 89 cents bluetooth dongle (now $1.85, but still with free shipping from china!) and got a bunch of pictures I had in my phone.

The quality is crap because my phone is crap, but trust me, there must be one thing here you have never seen before.

Here they are: weird stuff that made me take out my phone and grab a picture, with explanations.


This, from Mar del Plata, is the most badass popup book I ever saw.



And open:


I'm Mark Shuttleworth!

Imagen024 Imagen025

In a free software event in Buenos Aires, Canonical's boss and former space cargo was supposed to deliver the keynote. He canceled at the last minute. So Maddog Hall offered to replace him... in character.

Someone found a really, really awesome (and/or crappy!) astronaut costume, and Maddog gave a keynote shouting "I'm Mark Shuttleworth! I'm an astronaut!" and claiming to have come from the future to examine some slides recently found, written by some unknown dude named Maddog. Really funny stuff.

Python vs. Ruby

Same event, take a look:

Imagen023 Imagen022

Yes, I swear they are taken with less than 10 seconds of one another.


Imagen018 Imagen026

I was buying groceries in San Isidro's Disco supermarket. Yes, usually buying a large package of butter is cheaper per kilo than a small one. But here, a 200g package costed almost the same as a 100g! That's just stealing money from those who don't use much butter. Me? I'm not at risk.

Visa discount!


This was a shop in Avenida Alem in Buenos Aires. It was unusual to see a "VISA is suspended, 20% discount" sign. Much more unusual was to see the small letters: "present your visa card". I mean, wasn't it suspended?

And then I saw the rest:


It says "present your visa card and pay using anything else".

That guy must really have been pissed off at Visa!

I got a bunch more for some other time.


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