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The smartest thing I ever wrote

When I was mi­grat­ing the com­ments I no­ticed a page looked wrong in the site, and start­ed fix­ing it.

While I was read­ing, I no­ticed a cou­ple of things:

  • It was pub­­lished al­­most ex­ac­t­­ly 5 years ago

  • It may be the smartest thing I ev­er wrote

Some­times, you get an idea, and you can give it shape. Since I re­al­ly think it's not com­plete­ly stupid, I trans­lat­ed it to sp­nish (there was on­ly an eng­lish ver­sion) y "reprint" it to­day.

It's about pro­gram­ming, it's about evo­lu­tion, and I hope you like Be­ing a good Lamar­ck­ian frog­gie!.

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