2009-09-22 13:33

More fun with rst2pdf, poppler and PyQt

First: I really, really need a name for this thing. I am tired of saying "my rst2pdf previewer/editor app".

Now, here's a video of how it looks nowadays after all the yak shaving (sorry about my english, I write lots of it, but never speak it):

As you can see, the basic app is fairly complete, even if it lacks all the amenities that would make someone use it (like, search? save? ;-).

It has one big problem, though: I can't publish it yet.

Why? Because I need to use poppler from PyQt, and the code I found to do it has no license (see the code).

I am trying to contact the author (Rajeev J Sebastian), so there should be news soon!

As soon as that's cleared, the PDF widget is a whole post by itself, because it's pretty neat, if I may say so myself.

UPDATE: the binding is now under MIT license, thanks to Rajeev Sebastian!


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