2009-06-19 19:13

Rst2pdf 0.11 released!

It's my pleasure to announce the release of rst2pdf version 0.11, available at http://code.google.com/p/rst2pdf/downloads/list

Rst2pdf is a tool to generate PDF files directly from restructured text sources via reportlab.

This version includes many bugfixes and some new features compared to the previous 0.10.1 version, including but not limited to embedding PDF images, much improved image sizing, nicer list layouts, better styling, page backgrounds, and more than 15 bugs fixed. A full changelog is included at the bottom of this message.

Rst2pdf aims to support the full restructured text feature set, and is very close to that goal, while also including some of the more experimental features, like a source code directive with syntax highlighting and math notation support with LaTeX-like syntax.

It supports embedding arbitrary fonts, both True Type and PS Type 1, both raster and vector images (including SVG), page transition effects, multiple, flexible page layouts, cascading styles, and much, much more.

You can find more information about rst2pdf in its home page ( http://rst2pdf.googlecode.com), and ask anything you want in the rst2pdf- discuss mailing list (http://groups.google.com/group/rst2pdf-discuss)

Here are the changes in this version compared to 0.10.1:

  • Degrade more gracefully when one or more wordaxe hyphenators are broken (currently DWC is the broken one)
  • Fixed issue 132: in some cases, with user-defined fontAlias, bold and italic would get confused (getting italic instead of bold in inline markup, for instance).
  • New stylesheet no-compact-lists to make lists... less compact
  • SVG images now handle % as a width unit correctly.
  • Implemented issue 127: support images in PDF format. Right now they are rasterized, so it's not ideal. Perhaps something better will come up later.
  • Fixed issue 129: make it work around a prblem with KeepTogether in RL 2.1 it probably makes the output look worse in some cases when using that. RL 2.1 is not really supported, so added a warning.
  • Fixed issue 130: use os.pathsep instead of ":" since ":" in windows is used in disk names (and we still pay for DOS idiocy, in 2009)
  • Fixed issue 128: headings level 3+ all looked the same
  • Ugly bugfix for Issue 126: crashes when using images in header + TOC
  • New tstyles section in the stylesheet provides more configurable list layouts and more powerful table styling.
  • Better syntax highlighting (supports bold/italic)
  • Workaround for issue 103 so you can use borderPadding as a list (but it will look wrong if you are using wordaxe <= 0.3.2)
  • Added fieldvalue style for field lists
  • Added optionlist tstyle, for option lists
  • Added collection of utility stylesheets and documented it
  • Improved command line parsing and stylesheet loading (guess extension like latest rst2latex does)
  • Fixed Issue 67: completely new list layouting code
  • Fixed Issue 116: crashes caused by huge images
  • Better support for %width in images, n2ow it's % of the container frame's width, not of the text area.
  • Fixed bug in SVG scaling
  • Better handling of missing images
  • Added missing styles abstract, contents, dedication to the default stylesheet
  • Tables style support spaceBefore and spaceAfter
  • New topic-title style for topic titles (obvious ;-)
  • Vertical alignment for inline images (:align: parameter)
  • Issue 118: Support for :scale: in images and handle resizing of inline images
  • Issue 119: Fix placement of headers and footers
  • New background property for page templates (nice for presentations, for example)
  • Default to px for image width specifications instead of pt
  • Support all required measurement units ("em" "ex" "px" "in" "cm" "mm" "pt" "pc" "%" "")
  • New automated scripts to check test cases for "visual differences"
  • Respect images DPI property a bit like rst2latex does.
  • Issue 110: New --inline-footnotes option
  • Tested with reportlab from SVN trunk
  • Support for Dinu Gherman's svglib. If both svglib and uniconvertor are available, svglib is preferred (for SVG, of course). Patch originally by rute.
  • Issue 109: Separate styles for each kind of admonition
  • For Issue 109: missing styles are not a fatal error
  • Issue 117: TOCs with more than 6 levels now supported (raised limit to 9, which is silly deep)


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