2008-11-01 10:16

Blogging from Latinoware again

Last night while eating one of the Python Brazil guys told me about the Lightning Talks session taking place today.

Since I am basically insane, I was convinced to do my first lightning talk:

  • In spanish in front of a purely brazilian audience
  • Creating it while having breakfast 1 hour before the event
  • After exceeding the allotted 50! minutes 2 days ago

So, in short, I was terrified. I got there, sat at the back, start listening.

I was 4th in order.

1: doctests (nice)

2: pronounceable passwords (nice)

3: MVC in gtk... I didn't understand a word, and ran out of time.

So, I am now thinking nobody will understand me at all, so I will slow down, run out of time, and will then give the worst lightning talk ever.

I'm next up. My topic: how to build a spreadsheet in 5 minutes.

Amazingly, it worked rather well, the "MC" asked me for a copy of the code, and said it was a neat example. Noone looked horrified or ROFLing, so I am at least somewhat happy about it.

Here is the code for you, too: ssin5min.tgz

I would do it again. But if I am doing it again here, I am learning portuguese first.


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