2008-08-12 21:46

urssus at 27 days old

After 27 days of development, uRSSus is finally a really usable app. I miss nothing from Akregator, although there are a few unimplemented things. It was broken the alst couple of days, because I was rewriting large chunks of its guts, but the new guts work much better ;-)

The missing pieces (I know about):

  • Favicons
  • Save column width in post list
  • Show total posts in feed list
  • Drag&Drop is not reliable (weird things happen every few tries)
  • Metafeeds (ex. your unread posts/ your starred posts) are not updated automatically
  • Del.icio.us sync is not working at all
  • No help
  • No decent config dialog (but a functional replacement!)
  • Very occasional DB locking.
  • Logging is broken
  • Need to implement backup of the DB

That's not really more than a day or two of work.

Right now (revision 570) it's working pretty good, so it's a good revision to try, if you feel up to it.


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