2008-08-08 22:55

uRSSus: first post 0.2.10 features (has screenie)

It's running prety stable (at least for me) so I decided to fix some issues and add some features. First a screenshot:


And now text:

  • A new feature that also fixes an issue:

    vgarvardt asked about sorting by feed,for example when reading a folder. Implemented it using a "feed" column that you can enable/disable. Since your choice is persistent, there's no need to add a configuration option to the dialog.

  • Important is now Starred. I relly like google's idea of using stars at hand to mark things important. So, there they are. The star icon I did myself, in Inkscape, trying to respect the Reinhardt style. I think it looks nice.

  • Google News feeds! Yes, I know I could just go to http://news.google.com, make a search and subscribe to the results page. Can my mom? Nope. So, when adding new feed, just choose "Create google news feed" enter some keywords, and it's ready.

    I need to add "custom fields" to the feed config dialog, though, since once it's creted it's just a regular feed with a long URL.

  • Also did some performance and reliability work, and current SVN (r476) is actually quite a bit nicer than 0.2.10 already. So there may be another release soonish.


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