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Dial *pi for emergencies

If you are in the Buenos Aires sub­way, this is the num­ber you di­al if you have an emer­gen­cy:


Good thing they lim­it­ed it to 5 fig­ures and phones don't let you use punc­tu­a­tion. I re­al­ly, re­al­ly, re­al­ly would like to know why they de­cid­ed to use this num­ber. It's not easy to type, it's not par­tic­u­lar­ly easy to re­mem­ber, it's not used for emer­gen­cies any­where else, as far as I know. Is it a case of a math nerd with pow­er?

BTW: this is the first time I buy a cell­phone with a cam­er­a. It al­so hap­pens to have blue­tooth, and it works flaw­less­ly with Lin­ux.

Roberto Alsina / 2008-02-15 11:05:

Ok, so the coincidence is discarded, they actually want you to dial *pi :-)

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