2007-10-06 11:26

Done with rst2pdf for now

It works much better than it did last night.

The main missing/broken things are:

  • Tables
  • Links
  • Footnotes/citations
  • Headers/Footers
  • References
  • Table HEaders/Spanning cells
  • Lists that don't start at 1

The rest seems to be in working order and producing decent output already. It can process the ReST demo and it doesn't look bad: check it out

I say, good for half a day of hacking, and will now stop, because it's a weekend and I have a family :-)

But that doesn't mean you can't try it for yourself. Just run it thus:

python rst2pdf.py myrstfile.txt

And you will get (hopefully) a myrstfile.txt.pdf

Let me know how it works, and if it doesn't and it's not related to one of the things I mentioned above as broken, send me a test file!


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