2007-09-05 09:46


Well, it seems I am in trouble for PyWeek.

Why? Because it's wednesday and I have done nothing. Nothing! It's because I have been working a lot, really, and I have a 4 month baby, too.

So, I am upping the ante.

I will do a PyDay.

I am taking tomorrow off (yeah, right!) and I'm doing the game in one day. Maybe I will scrounge a few hours on sunday, too.

It will probably not be fit for the contest because:

  • I will use PyQt
  • I won't test it in any platform other than my Linux box

But here's the game concept (BTW: Twisted sucks as a theme. It sucks really, really, really hard!):

According to the dictionary, Twisted also means perverted. So, this game, Twisted Little Boy is about a bad boy. A really bad boy. But a clever one. He creates machines using random equipment he finds to do evil, really mean things.

I will probably do a live-blog thing like those tutorials I wrote years ago about PyQt.

There's a Google code project (obviously empty): http://code.google.com/p/twistedlittleboy/

See you all tomorrow.


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