2007-08-11 23:15

Thinking about this blog.

I suppose it happens to everyone once in a while, and it has happened to me often in the past, but I am thinking if I should keep on writing this blog, or if some large change is needed.

Here are some random things from my head:

  1. Almost noone reads it. Really. It has less than 40 subscribers. That's pathetic for a blog that has content for over 7 years :-)

  2. Maybe I should post in spanish, or at least bilingually.

  3. Maybe I should write more features. When I write a longish piece and announce it, there is a respectable traffic surge.

  4. On the other hand, I enjoy writing it. And it's really very little effort (specially now, with BartleBlog ;-)

  5. Maybe it should be more focused in one area, make it a python programming blog, or a tutorials blog, or something like that.

  6. But I am not a focused person. I am a generalist. This week I have worked in the following things:

    • VoIP
    • Django
    • PyQt
    • Linux sysadmining
    • Firewall/Proxy integration with windows clients
    • Consulting in the most generic sense, sitting with a company's IT staff and thinking about their situation.
    • Learning PyGame

    And this was in 5 days of work. If I listed what I have done this year, it would take me 500 items. I am broad, how could my blog be narrow?

  7. Maybe it's just not interesting? Or badly done?

  8. Is it too nerdy? Is it not nerdy enough?

  9. I have had a blog with a small readership for 7 years, why is it bothering me now?

  10. If I stop, it doesn't matter, I can always pick it up again later when I feel like writing.

So, there. You, the 40 guys, comment on it if you want ;-)


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