2007-08-07 08:21

Fixing old tutorials

I got a mail from a reader telling me that he couldn't download the sources for Notty, the toy app I developed in my Rapid Application development using PyQt and Eric3 ... in realtime! tutorial.

So, I checked and was shocked at just how much the server moves had wrecked that article, which is one of my favourites!

No images, broken link to the sources, no syntax highlights!

So, I rejiggered the thing quickly with some search and replace (thanks restructured text!) and now it should be up to standards, except that... it's still about Qt3 and I am not even sure it works nowadays.

Normally that would be simple to fix: change the code as needed, make it work, and be happy.

But the fun thing about that article was that it was written in 3 hours, and it talks about how it was written in 3 hours. So, I think I may have to do keep that and add a note with a link to a corrected/updated one, someday.


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