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Rater progresses (slowly)

I am hacking a bit on rater my daemon/client to see if things are happening more often than they should (in other words, generic rate limiting).

I had to take a few days off, since my brother got married and we all went back to Santa Fe for that and a weekend, and then everyone else has sore throats and I am the only one healthy.

But hey, it works well enough already:

  • The simplistic protocol is done

  • The server works

    • It can take hours of gibberish without problems.

    • It can take hours of valid input without problems.

    • It does what it's supposed to do.

  • It's staying below 300SLOC, which was my goal.

Missing stuff:

  • Valgrind it.

  • Client library.

  • Generic CLI client.

  • A qmail-spp plugin that uses it.

And then, I can forget all about it.


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