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How dirty are the spurs?

Any­one who has no idea who the spurs are, ig­nore this, from Cary Clack.

My fa­vorite bit­s:

And what are some of the thug­gish things the team does?

Well, you know those al­le­ga­tions about Michael Vick?

The Spurs are in­to pit bull fight­ing?

No, no. Pan­da bears.


Pan­da bear fight­ing. Most of the guys own pan­da bears, so we get to­geth­er, put soft and fluffy pil­lows on the paws of the bears and let them go at it.

How dirty are you go­ing to be to­wards Le­Bron?

Re­al dirty. The fans are go­ing to help us mess that kid up. You know how he spells his name with a cap­i­tal 'B'?


Well. We're go­ing to have posters spell­ing it with a small 'b.' And when they call out his name they're go­ing to scream 'Le­bron!' in­stead of 'Le­Bron.' It's dirty, but that's how we roll in San An­to­nio.

Dario Rapisardi / 2007-06-08 19:05:

LOL. The Spurs would never be called dirty if it weren't for Amare's pussy comments.
Anyway, nice to see a fellow spurs fan!

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