2007-05-10 14:07

Today's first hour of hacking...

... has been all about UI.

I have always had a problem when writing PyQt apps: stock icons.

Which ones should I use? Where are they?

I usually fished through the crystalsvg icon set until I found one that seemed to be what I needed, and then copied it to my app.

Sadly, that's annoying in several ways:

  1. Since those are PNG icons, you need to find the right size.
  2. Not all icons are there for all sizes!
  3. Because of 2, I need to check three or four folders to see all the icons.

So, I decided to cut my losses, and see what else could be done. And here it is:


I am now using all SVG icons, from the reinhardt set that will look equally out of place in all OSs, but which I like (and I think look awesome with this relaxed Domino theme). And because they are all SVG, I don't care about sizes, and they are all in the same place, and all is good.

And whenever Oxygen is released, all I need to do is switch the files around and that's that. Which is nice, too.

Of course there is a catch... it does look out of place, and I expect many to find it ugly. So what, since I am the only user of this app! ;-)


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