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Advogato post for 2000-02-27 03:07:01

The new dock-based, MT KRN is advancing well, although the amount of things broken in it is a bit scary. Of course the code to do all the things 0.6.11 did is still there (and anyway, that's what CVS exists for ;-) but it is totally divorced from the UI.

On other issues, I got over slashdot today, after a long while. After I thought the site had reached the bottom, they get a shovel and dig deeper :-P

No, I don't mean /. itself, but the people commenting in it. What *is* the point for them? What do they get? I am a firm believer in quid pro quo[1].

Are they so easily amused as to be rewarded by the imagined reaction of people reading about grits and petrified teenager starlets?

I doubt any of them will read this, but... well, let me tell you: there is probably no reaction at all. I know I just look at that waste of electrons with sort of a blank expression, and then click "next". I expect everyone to do the same (except for the gritter himself, who probably looks at his oeuvre and giggles insanely for around 13 minutes).

But today, it had reached new depths. One guy made a poor taste comment about GNOME, posing as a KDE advocate (I seriously doubt he was, I'm more inclined to believe he was just a a troll).

But the answer left me astonished. It included a graphic description of how all KDE advocates are worms, who look forward to be put in a hook. Pretty disgusting. Again: I don't believe that answer was written by a GNOME advocate, but just by a prepubescent moron.

However, when the time comes that people need to impersonate others to fight in the name of those others' beliefs, such people have deep troubles. So, sorry, /., you are now officially a loony bin. It used to be fun to hang around there. Close it, and start another site. Or rather: don't close it, and start a new one, hopefully the stupid and insane will stay in /., trolling and insulting each other.

If that day comes, email me, I will be on another site. Which one? Sorry, I won't say. It's a nice little site, with short discussions, usually in a polite tone.

I also saw a disturbing trend here, with the trust metric article, and the Jabber people arguing about whether they deserved to be "master" or whatever... lighten up[3]. If you are a master, you are a master regardless of what color your name appears on advogato, and being marked as master here if you are not is just food for the ego, and junk food, for that matter.

And it must be true because I say so, and I am a master... oops, Journeyer, whatever that means :-)

This must be the longest diary entry I ever wrote, and I'd bet not many have written longer ones, hopefully you, hypothetical reader, will forgive me.

[1] Yes, I believe we don't do free software out of the goodness of our hearts[2], and that we all have ulterior motives, even if we are not fully aware of them. I should write about it someday.

[2] I also believe the end result is pretty much indistinguishable from what would happen if we were doing it out of the goodness in our hearts (or rather your hearts, mine is dark and eeeevil, just ask around)

[3] Of course asking others to lighten up about things that are of no big importance to me is easy. That's why I do it. I suppose that if advogato rated projects and KDE was somehow marked as lame, I would care. I hope people will tell me to lighten up when that happens.


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