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Cover for Lockstep


Ev­ery once in a while some­one comes up with an idea and you slap your fore­head be­cause it feels ob­vi­ous in ret­ro­spec­t. Lock­step is one of those.

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, in SF, if FTL trav­el is im­pos­si­ble, but sta­sis is pos­si­ble, easy, and cheap, you get in­ter­stel­lar trav­el that's a one-way trip. Lock­step adds "why not hi­ber­nate EV­ERY­ONE so they wait for trav­eller­s?".

And once you have that idea, you get "fake FTL". But that al­so brings up the ques­tion of how long is it a good idea to hi­ber­nate. And once there is a large net­work of worlds hi­ber­nat­ing in lock­step, does it make eco­nom­ic sense to hi­ber­nate less than them? Or more? How about re­source ac­cu­mu­la­tion on hi­ber­na­tion? How about en­forc­ing lock­step? And so on, and this book ex­plores a lot of that.

So, the world build­ing is awe­some, plus it's orig­i­nal! The plot it­self is sort of a throw­away.

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