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Giving Up is a Good Idea Sometimes

So­rr­y, en­glish on­l­y!

Just saw a post in Google+ to­day by Aman­da Blai­n, whe­re she sho­ws a pic­tu­re of a book sa­ying this:

Ne­ver gi­ve up on an­y­bod­y. Mi­ra­cles ha­ppen eve­ry da­y.


Of cour­se, no, they do­n't ha­ppen eve­ry da­y. They hard­ly ever ha­ppen or ne­ver ha­ppen, de­pen­ding on how you de­fi­ne mi­ra­cle. Things that ha­ppen eve­ry day are not mi­ra­cle­s, they are co­m­mo­n. It's chea­pen­ing the wor­d.

I did re­pl­y, thou­gh:

If god is al­mi­gh­ty, pray for the con­ver­gen­ce of the -1^n se­rie­s, and see how it wo­rks. The­re is no god but ma­th.


Whi­ch is qui­te a tro­ll, even for my stan­dar­d­s, but hard to ar­gue wi­th, I ex­pec­t. This post is a mo­re se­rious res­pon­se to that ori­gi­nal quo­te. And my res­pon­se is, so­me­ti­me­s, you need to gi­ve up. Fur­the­r, so­me­ti­me­s, not gi­ving up is stu­pi­d, pain­fu­l, dan­ge­rous and se­l­fis­h.


Peo­ple do­n't rea­lly chan­ge all that mu­ch. They do it ve­ry slo­w­l­y, when they do. And you are not (u­sua­ll­y) the other per­so­n's guar­dian. The­re co­mes a point in peo­ple's li­fes whe­re hel­ping them hur­ts the­m. Or wor­se, hur­ts the one hel­pin­g.

Con­si­der an abu­si­ve par­tne­r. Why should you not gi­ve up? Why allow hi­m/her to hurt you fur­the­r, in ho­pe for a fu­tu­re chan­ge? That is just stu­pid an­d...


Be­cau­se you are being hur­t, ei­ther in body or in min­d. And being hurt is, of cour­se, ba­d. So why ena­ble it? Why allow so­meo­ne to cau­se you pai­n, just for his own sake? What are you te­lling that per­so­n? That you feel good about hel­ping tho­se who hurt you? That is...


Be­cau­se he may be­lie­ve you. You are tea­ching that per­son that you feel good hel­ping tho­se who hurt you, and that makes you a be­tter per­so­n, so he may just try to help you be mu­ch be­tter by hur­ting you fur­the­r. And rea­ll­y, if tha­t's how you fee­l, you are being ...


Be­cau­se hel­ping so­meo­ne just to feel se­l­f-­ri­gh­teous and pious and good is a sca­m. Help be­cau­se you make the other feel good, not be­cau­se it feels good for you. I see peo­ple tra­pped in abu­si­ve re­la­tions­hip­s, al­most screa­ming "See how good I am! See the pain I take for lo­ve!" whi­ch is bo­th se­l­fish and in­sa­ne.

So, gi­ve up. Be­cau­se the pa­th of the ri­gh­teous man is be­s­et on all si­des by the ine­qui­ties of the se­l­fish and the ty­ranny of evil men. Ble­ss­ed is he who, in the na­me of cha­ri­ty and good wi­ll, she­pher­ds the weak th­rou­gh the va­lley of da­rk­ness, for he is tru­ly his bro­the­r's kee­per and the fin­der of lost chil­dren. But enou­gh is enou­gh. And stu­pid is ba­d.

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