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Croupier releases happened

A few re­leas­es of my Crys­tal task/­dataflow li­brary Croupi­er have gone out.

The main top­ic of work has been:

  • In­crease code qual­i­ty (I am still learn­ing the lan­guage af­ter al­l)
  • Make the API rea­son­able
  • Re­move re­stric­tions

On the lat­ter sub­jec­t, Croupi­er will now hap­pi­ly han­dle tasks with ze­ro or many in­put­s, with ze­ro or many out­put­s, or task that share some or all of their out­put­s, even if their in­puts dif­fer.

In all those cas­es it will try to Do The Right Thing, but it is ar­guable whether it does or not.

So, the API and what it can do is chang­ing of­ten. How­ev­er the ex­am­ple in the README on­ly need­ed one change from the first re­lease to now (be­cause it's pret­ty sim­ple)

I know no­body is ev­er go­ing to use it, it's a niche li­brary in a niche lan­guage, but I am hav­ing fun writ­ing it, and the con­cepts are quite wide­ly ap­pli­ca­ble, so it's ed­u­ca­tion­al.

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