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Man, I feel... <i>watched</i>

If tak­ing your pic­ture steals your soul, writ­ing a 128 page the­sis about a group must> do some­thing to it ;-)

Spe­cial­ly one with sub­jects like "The­o­ret­i­cal Ex­cur­sus: the Un­der­ly­ing Psy­cho­log­i­cal Mech­a­nism of In­di­vid­u­al Knowl­edge Trans­fer" and "The Know­ing Sub­ject as Au­topo­et­ic Sys­tem".

Ap­par­ent­ly the writ­ing of such things is part of the rit­u­als of pas­sage in­to adult­hood in the tribe of the humbly called "Mas­ters of So­cial and Eco­nom­ic Sci­ences" ;-)

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