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Try htop

Ev­er need­ed a process mon­i­tor that runs in a ter­mi­nal? Have you been us­ing top? Use Htop in­stead. Much, much, much nicer!

Andrew Preater / 2006-10-05 10:07:

Good suggestion, top is a distant dream since I started using htop. I very rarely introduce testing software on my stable systems, but I backported htop 0.6.3 because a few missing features between the stable and testing versions were driving me mad. Packages for sarge available if anyone wants them.

Likewise, install multitail and never tail -f a logfile again :)

John Tapsell / 2006-10-05 16:28:

I'm the ksysgaurd maintainer and looking for ways to improve ksysguard.

What do you like about htop? What information do you look for? What's your usage for it? Do you use it just to kill runaway apps, or more?

Roberto Alsina / 2006-10-05 16:45:

1) Killing runaway processes.

Since I manage servers, ksysguard is not an option there. If there is a crisis, it is probably impossible/too slow to log into X and start ksysguard

2) at-a-glance process views (who's eating ram/cpu/etc.)

3) Tree view

All in all, nothing ksysguard can't do, except that I need it in a ssh session :-)

Troy Telford / 2006-10-05 18:55:

Why can't there be more posts like this in the world?

Sweet new tool I haven't heard of. Thanks!

Knusper / 2006-10-05 21:11:

yeah... thats nice :D

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