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Long update

I have not post­ed in a long time, not be­cause noth­ing hap­pened, but be­cause too much hap­pened.

So, here is an up­date...


The ba­by is do­ing great. The first ul­tra­sound was on Sep­t. 15th, and hree he is:



That was on Sep­t. 15th be­cause Rosario want­ed it to be my 35th birth­day presen­t. So hap­py birth­day to me.


The lit­tle com­pa­ny I am start­ing up is do­ing great


I have de­cid­ed that I have al­most enough pack­aged for Arch that it's start­ing to make sense to mas­ter some ISOs. Ba­si­cal­ly: a some­what-D­JB-way-ori­ent­ed lin­ux dis­tro.

  • Boots us­ing runit

  • Maybe some­­day will use LUA in­­stead of sh for start­up scripts

  • All ser­vices should be man­aged

  • Will in­­tro­­duce ge­net­ic di­ver­si­­ty to the ecosys­tem

That mean­s: no send­mail, no post­fix, no BIND, no Apache (at least for ba­sic stuff), no many oth­er "lead­ing" pro­gram­s. That is in­ten­tion­al. If ev­ery­one us­es BIND, a BIND fail­ure is cat­a­stroph­ic.

If I have learned any­thing from Out­look/IE it's that hav­ing ev­ery­one use the same thing is com­fort­able, but trou­ble­some.

Anonymous / 2006-10-03 04:10:

what's the company name? url?

Roberto Alsina / 2006-10-03 04:25:

Name: it has no oficial name yet. Probably "Net Managers" or something similarly bland.

URL: there is nothing there except private apps for customers, so no point in saying yet :-)

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