2006-08-11 14:42

CMake is nice. Or not?

I am playing with CMake. Specifically, I am trying to replace the simplistic handmade Makefiles for my RA-Plugins project.

The parts about detecting libraries and conditionally compiling plugins based on what you have were surprisingly easy!

Until I ran into ... man pages.

Here is a Makefile that would build all the manpages for the plugins:

MANPAGES=plugins-ra.8 authchecks.8 rcptchecks.8
man: \$(MANPAGES)
%.8: %.man.txt
      txt2man -t \${basename $< .man.txt} < $< > [email protected]

As you can see... trivial. All I need to do in order to add a man page is add whatever.8 to the list, and it will be created from whatever.man.txt.

But... how does one do that using CMake?

I started thinking of using a FILE (GLOB *.man.txt) and then a FOREACH over that, and then... then what? Really, I am stumped. I am a newbie, though, and getting the big, difficult stuff done is enough to switch. I should generate these before distribution anyway.

So, I wrote a wee Makefile.manpages and added this for CMAKE:

ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET ( manpages make -f Makefile.manpages )

But I am curious about finding the cmakeish way.


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