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Open Source Remix

One more thing to love about Open Source/Free Soft­ware:

Maybe each screw does­n't work ex­act­ly as you wan­t. But you can hit them with a big enough ham­mer. And if you have a big enough ham­mer, ev­ery screw is a nail.

Mget­ty+send­fax sucks a lit­tle in some ar­eas. It sup­ports no class1 fax­es (ok, it may do if you re­build with a switch it says does­n't re­al­ly work).

Efax sucks a lit­tle in some ar­eas. It has no spool­ing mech­a­nis­m. It has no way at all to be used de­cent­ly from win­dows clients.

So, remix them!

Take efax's efax com­mand (the one that ac­tu­al­ly sends the fax­es), and mget­ty+send­fax's send­fax com­mand.

They are quite sim­i­lar. So, write a tiny shell wrap­per that makes efax look like send­fax.

And Voilá. Mget­ty+e­fax, which works on class1 fax/­modems ;-)

The wrap­per it­self is left as an ex­er­cise for the read­er.

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