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Further IUP/Qt advances: Canvas

I keep work­ing on it, which is nice. I have fin­ished the skele­ton of the im­ple­men­ta­tion of a Qt driv­er for the CD can­vas.

I had it kin­da work­ing with the gener­ic X driver, but it sucked a bit to have this lar­gish chunk of Mo­tif code I did­n't un­der­stand in the mid­dle of it al­l.

It has on­ly the most ba­sic stuff im­ple­ment­ed, and the scroll­bar stuff is not there, but it does draw and set col­ors ;-)

So, right now, the next step is get­ting the iup­con­trols li­brary up, but that should­n't be too hard, I think.

But, we'll see.

PS: If any­one reads this and wants to check it out, just email me, I can ship it.

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