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On speaking and slides

As I men­tioned be­fore, I was at the 3rd CafeL­UG event on fri­day and sat­ur­day.

It was a pret­ty large even­t, rough­ly 1300 pople, 63 con­fer­ences.

I had two of my own, and here's how they wen­t:

Fri­day: The PyQt/PyKDE one. Au­di­ence: about 50 sit­ting, 15 stand­ing. I had no time what­so­ev­er to pre­pare this. But I was luky enough to have some­one (thanks Cris­tian!) lend me a note­book, and so I spent the pre­vi­ous con­fer­ence (pf/OpenB­S­D) work­ing on mine :-)

I kept it on a low lev­el, noth­ing too com­pli­cat­ed, since I on­ly had 60 min­utes, but the au­di­ence seems to have liked it. Or at least they found my at­tempts at ex­pla­na­tion fun­ny.

Any­way, noone was dis­gust­ed enough to tell me to my face, and I had a gen­er­al feel­ing of it hav­ing been good.

I was able to show a quick do-noth­ing app in 20 lines of code, and show sig­nals and slot­s, and re­al­ly re­al­ly push the idea of in­ter­pret­ed lan­guages as bet­ter for hob­by pro­gram­ming (which I think is the right path). Not too many ques­tions right then, but about a dozen kids at­tacked me with ques­tions on the hall af­ter leav­ing.

Sat­ur­day: My gener­ic KDE-­for-be­gin­ners speech. Au­di­ence: 100 sit­ting, 10 stand­ing. I was a bit too heavy on the philo­soph­i­cal, but it went down nice­ly. Sev­er­al of the guys from fri­day's PyQt ses­sion were there, so more ev­i­dence it did­n't suck too bad­ly.

It was fun, peo­ple were sur­prised by Og­g-rip­ping from Kon­queror as usu­al, some fun, sev­er­al ques­tion­s.

All in al­l, a nice cou­ple of ses­sion­s, and I think I did well, which en­cour­ages me to do it more of­ten. Who knows :-)

Simon Edwards / 2006-04-03 14:35:

Are your PyQt/PyKDE slides available anywhere?



Roberto Alsina / 2006-04-03 14:39:

Slides? I don't use slides :-)

Simon Edwards / 2006-04-03 14:40:

I was just wondering what you spoke again exactly, since I might be giving a talk about PyKDE in the future.



Roberto Alsina / 2006-04-03 14:41:

What´s python, what´s qt, what´s pyqt, why using python with qt makes sense, how is it better than using C++, how it isn´t, signals and slots, and then writing a little demo app using designer and eric3 (I couldn´t use eric, though).

Then questions from the audience.

I only had one hour, though.

Dario Rapisardi / 2006-04-03 14:47:

Hola Roberto. Estaba pensando en lanzar un proyecto de documentación multimedia, tipo TLDP pero con xvidcap. O sea, demos en video de 'cómo hacer tal cosa', con el audio en separado para que sea 'traducible' por otras personas. Ya tengo a la gente de gnome hispano que van a hacer varios, y como sé que sos Il Capo en KDE y explicás las cosas de puta madre, estaría bien grabar algunas de estas charlas. Los videos se pondrían en un proyecto Forja alojado dentro de la Junta de Extremadura, y estaría bien comenzar con varios como para darle forma al proyecto. Te interesa colaborar? Un abrazo.

Roberto Alsina / 2006-04-03 14:48:

Seguro Darío, mandame un mail y vemos como lo hacemos :-)

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