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KRsN now available

Sadly, not a really usable version, but I got sidetracked by PyKDE and KFTE first. KRsN really needs just a couple of days loving.

So, if you RE­AL­LY RE­AL­LY want to try it, get >PyQt for Qt 3.1 work­ing, and then head for KRsN's source­forge page, and get it via CVS

You will al­so need Strip-o-­Gram,

Flaws right now:

  • The feed list does­n't up­date right
  • It does­n't tell read from un­read
  • New items re­place old­er ones in­stead of ap­pend­ing to them
  • New feed adding is slow­er than it should
  • Some­times, it gets RE­AL busy on start­up
Please report bugs, feature requests, etc. You can even subscribe to a RSS feed about KRsN!
kervel / 2006-04-03 04:42:

oops, i accidentially hit enter, sorry for the empty comment.

i'd like to know if there is another way to get krsn source besides sourceforge cvs. sourceforge blocked parts of our university network (kuleuven) from the cvs servers because of "performance issues" (i mailed twice and got a "read the fucking network status" answer twice) for some months now ... this is frustrating :(

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