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Silly description of internal state

As men­tioned be­fore I am speak­ing about KDE to­day in a con­gress.

I al­ways get very jit­tery when I have to speak to an au­di­ence. Which, to some­one that teach­es 3 or 6 3-hour class­es a week, is pret­ty stress­ing.

On one hand, I am pret­ty sure I can speak about the life of crabs for two hours and have the peo­ple thank me on the way out. I am pret­ty good at this.

On the oth­er hand, I have a ten­den­cy to un­der­pre­pare when it's a on­ce-off af­fair (like to­day).

I don't like us­ing slideshows, so I just hook my com­p. to the screen and start speak­ing.

I don't have notes.

I don't have a set of points planned.

So, ev­ery time I speak, it is a dif­fer­ent thing. Which is good. But it makes me very ner­vous.

What will hap­pen if to­day I fail to fig­ure out what to say? What hap­pens if I come 20 min­utes short? Well, noth­ing hap­pen­s, I just stretch the Q&A sec­tion a bit and let them go get free food ear­li­er.

But it still makes me ner­vous.

Roberto Alsina / 2006-04-03 07:07:

Well, didn´t suck too much.

I will be putting up something about the event soon, but the PyDS computer is at home right now instead of in the office, so while I can write it, I can´t post it :-)

On the other hand, seing all that people talking and talking about money and companies and politics really made me want to write some code and docs to cleanse my mind, so I am writing a new realtime tutorial, this one about creating a spatial file manager in two days.

So far it´s spatial, but doesn´t manage much ;-)

Dario Rapisardi / 2006-04-03 07:07:

I'm sure you did well. Only a few people have the hability to speak many hours about nothing (which, on the other hand, can look like 'speaking many hours about everything').

Now that the talked finished, what can you say about it? (Sorry I did't assist to it, 80 bucks was too damn expensive to me).

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