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Salió rst2pdf 0.16!

Pue­de ob­te­ner­se en el si­tio: http://rs­t2­pdf.­google­co­de.­com

rs­t2­pdf es una he­rra­mien­ta pa­ra con­ver­tir res­truc­tu­red text a PDF usan­do re­por­tlab en vez de La­TeX.

Se ha usa­do pa­ra mu­chas co­sas des­de li­bros a re­vis­ta­s, a fo­lle­to­s, a ma­nua­le­s, a si­tios web y tie­ne mu­chos fea­tu­res:

  • Font em­­be­­­dding (TTF or Ty­­pe1 fo­n­­ts)

  • Ca­s­­ca­­ding Sty­­le­s­hee­­ts

  • Ar­­qui­­te­c­­tu­­ra de plu­­gins muy fle­­xi­­ble (pe­r­­mi­­te ha­­cer co­­sas co­­­mo crear los en­­ca­­be­­­za­­dos en ba­­se a SVG ar­­bi­­tra­­rio­­s!)

  • In­­te­­gra­­ción con Sphi­n­­x.

  • Múl­­ti­­ples la­­you­­ts de pá­­gi­­na

  • Ta­­pas cus­­to­­­mi­­za­­bles via te­m­­pla­­tes

  • Y mu­­cho, mu­­cho más

El cam­bio más gran­de en 0.16 es pro­ba­ble­men­te el so­por­te de Sphi­nx 1.0.­x, si es­tás usan­do Sphi­nx es­ta es la ver­sión que que­ré­s.

Apar­te de eso, una to­ne­la­da de bugs arre­gla­do­s, y al­gu­nos fea­tu­res me­no­res.

Es­te es el chan­ge­log com­ple­to:

  • Fixed Is­­sue 343: Plu­­gged me­­mo­­­ry leak in the RSON pa­r­se­­r.

  • Fix for Is­­sue 287: the­­re is sti­­ll a co­r­­ner ca­­se if you ha­­ve two se­c­­tions wi­­th the sa­­me ti­­tle, at the sa­­me le­­ve­­l, in the sa­­me pa­­ge, in di­­ffe­­rent fi­­les whe­­re the li­nks wi­­ll break.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 367: ge­r­­man-­­lo­­­ca­­li­­zed da­­tes are MM. DD. YY­­YY so when us­ed in sphi­n­­x's te­m­­pla­­te co­­­ver they appea­­red wei­r­­d, like a list ite­­m. Fixed wi­­th a mi­­nor wo­­­rka­­round in the te­m­­pla­­te.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 366: li­nks to "#" make no sen­­se on a PDF fi­­le

  • Ma­­de de­­fi­­ni­­tions from de­­fi­­ni­­tion lis­­ts mo­­­re sty­­la­­ble.

  • Mo­­­ved de­­fi­­ni­­tion lis­­ts to Spli­­tTa­­ble­s, so you can ha­­ve ve­­ry long de­­fi­­ni­­tio­n­s.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 318: Im­­ple­­men­ted Do­­­main spe­­ci­­fic in­­dexes for Sphi­nx 1.0.x

  • Fixed In­­dex li­nks when using Sphi­n­­x/­­pdfbui­l­­de­­r.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 360: Set li­­te­­ra­­l.wo­r­­dW­­rap to No­­­ne by de­­fault so it does­n't inhe­­rit wo­r­­dW­­rap CJK when you use the othe­­rwi­­se co­­­rrect ja­­pa­­ne­­se se­­ttings. In any ca­se, li­­te­­ral blo­­­cks are not su­­ppo­­s­ed to wrap at all.

  • Swi­­tched pdfbui­l­­der to use Spli­­tTa­­bles by de­­fault (it ma­­de no sen­­se not to do it)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 365: so­­­me TTF fo­n­­ts do­­n't va­­li­­da­­te but they wo­­­rk an­­ywa­­y.

  • Set a va­­lid de­­fault ba­seurl for Sphi­nx (makes it mu­­ch fa­s­­te­­r!)

  • New fea­­tu­­re: --u­se-­­nu­m­­be­­­re­­d-­­li­nks to show se­c­­tion nu­m­­bers in li­nks to se­c­­tio­n­s, like "See se­c­­tion 2.3 Te­r­­mi­­na­­tio­­n"

  • Added sty­­le­s­hee­­ts for lan­­d­s­­ca­­pe pa­­per si­­zes (i.e: a4-­­lan­­d­s­­ca­­pe.s­­ty­­le)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 364: So­­­me op­­tions not res­­pe­c­ted when pa­ss­ed in pe­­r-­­doc op­­tions in sphi­n­­x.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 361: mu­l­­ti­­ple li­­ne­­breaks in li­­ne blo­­­cks we­­re co­­­lla­p­se­­d.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 363: stran­­ge cha­­ra­c­­ters in so­­­me ca­­ses in ma­­th di­­re­c­­ti­­ve.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 362: Sma­r­­ter au­­to­­-en­­clo­­­sing of equa­­tions in $...$

  • Fixed Is­­sue 358: --­­rea­­l--­­footno­­­tes de­­fau­l­­ts to Fa­l­se, but help text in­­di­­ca­­tes de­­fault is True

  • Fixed Is­­sue 359: Wrong --­­fi­­t-­­ba­­ck­­groun­­d-­­mo­­­de help string

  • Fixed Is­­sue 356: mis­­sing ce­­lls if a ce­­ll spawns ro­­ws and co­­­lum­n­s.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 349: Wo­­­rk co­­­rre­c­­tly wi­­th lan­­gua­­ges that are avai­­la­­ble in form aa_­­bb and not aa (e­­xa­m­­ple: zh_­c­n)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 345: gi­­ve fi­­le/­­li­­ne in­­fo when the­­re is an error in a raw PDF di­­re­c­­ti­­ve.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 336: JPEG ima­­ges should wo­­­rk even wi­­thout PIL (but gi­­ve a wa­r­­ning be­­­cau­­se si­­zes wi­­ll pro­­­ba­­bly be wro­n­­g)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 351: footno­­­te/­­ci­­ta­­tion re­­fe­­ren­­ces we­­re ge­­ne­­ra­ted in­­co­­­rre­c­­tl­­y, whi­­ch cau­s­ed pro­­­ble­­ms if the­­re was a ci­­ta­­tion wi­­th the sa­­me text as a hea­­di­n­­g.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 353: be­­­tter han­d­­ling of gra­­ph­­vi­­z, so that it wo­­­rks wi­­thout ve­c­­to­r­­pdf but gi­­ves a wa­r­­ning about it.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 354: make to­­­do­­_­­no­­­de from sphi­nx cus­­to­­­mi­­za­­ble.

  • Fixed bug whe­­re nes­ted lis­­ts bro­­ke pa­­ge la­­yout if the pa­­ge was sma­­ll.

  • Sma­r­­ter --i­n­­li­­ne-­­li­nks op­­tion

  • New ex­­ten­­sio­­n: fan­­c­­y­­ti­­tle­s, see //­­ra­l­­si­­na.­­me/we­­blo­­­g/­­po­s­­ts/­­BB906.h­t­­ml

  • New fea­­tu­­re: ta­­b-wi­­dth op­­tion in co­­­de-­­blo­­­ck di­­re­c­­ti­­ve (de­­fau­l­­ts to 8).

  • Fixed Is­­sue 340: en­d­­no­­­tes/­­footno­­­tes we­­re not sty­­le­­d.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 339: cla­ss na­­mes using _ we­­re not usa­­ble.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 335: ugly crash when using ima­­ges in so­­­me spe­­ci­­fic pla­­ces (looks like a re­­po­r­­tlab bu­­g)

  • Fixed Is­­sue 329: make the fi­­gu­­re ali­g­n­­men­­t/­­cla­ss attri­­bu­­tes wo­­­rk mo­­­re like La­­TeX than HT­­M­­L.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 328: list item sty­­les we­­re being ig­­no­­­re­­d.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 186: new --u­se-­­floa­­ti­n­­g-i­­ma­­ges makes ima­­ges wi­­th :a­­li­g­n: set wo­­­rk like in HT­­M­­L, wi­­th the next flo­­wa­­ble flo­­wing be­­­si­­de it.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 307: hea­­de­­r/­­footer from sty­­le­s­heet now su­­ppo­r­­ts in­­li­­ne rest ma­­rkup and subs­­ti­­tu­­tions de­­fi­­ned in the main do­­­cu­­men­­t.

  • New pdf_­­to­­­c_­­de­p­­th op­­tion for Sphi­n­­x/­­pdfbui­l­­der

  • New pdf_u­se_­­toc op­­tion for Sphi­n­­x/­­pdfbui­l­­der

  • Fixed Is­­sue 308: co­m­­pa­­ti­­bi­­li­­ty wi­­th re­­po­r­­tlab from SVN

  • Fixed Is­­sue 323: errors in the co­n­­fi­­g.s­a­m­­ple ma­­de it wo­­­rk wei­r­­d.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 322: Ima­­ge subs­­ti­­tu­­tions di­d­n't wo­­­rk in do­­­cu­­ment ti­­tle.

  • Im­­ple­­men­ted Is­­sue 321: un­­de­r­­li­­ne and strike­­th­­rou­­gh avai­­la­­ble in sty­­le­s­hee­­t.

  • Fixed Is­­sue 317: Ugly error me­ss­a­ge when fi­­le does not exist

ZeD / 2010-10-07 07:32:

Just as a question: how does the python docs is, compared to the "official" one? I mean the pdfs in

Roberto Alsina / 2010-10-07 14:37:

I haven't done the python docs this time around. Give me a couple of hours and I'll post the library reference somewhere.

Roberto Alsina / 2010-10-07 18:08:

Because the python docs still use Sphinx 0.6 there was a small patch I had to apply to rst2pdf, so I will release a 0.16.1 tomorrow.

OTOH, here are the pytho docs now:

Library reference:
Python lang. reference:

They are all there but it's tiring to copy all the links, if you want to look any any specific file, I'll post it :-)

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