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Editor: un QTextEdit mejor

Por eso re­fac­to­reé to­das esas co­sas que yo creo que un edi­tor de tex­to de­be te­ner en una lin­da bi­blio­te­ca, pa­ra que la pr­óxi­ma vez que al­guien de­ba rein­ven­tar la rue­da, pue­da usar los bo­ni­tos ra­yos y eje de Ma­ra­ve.

En­ton­ce­s, aquí es­tá Edi­tor, la cla­se con el nom­bre más ob­vio po­si­ble! Es un wi­dget de edi­ción de tex­to pa­ra Py­Qt con fea­tu­res ex­tra, que se pue­de usar co­mo reem­pla­zo de QTextE­dit o QPlain­TextE­di­t.

Por aho­ra, vi­ve aden­tro del SVN de Ma­ra­ve pe­ro tal vez al­gún día sal­ga de ahí.

És­tos son los fea­tu­res:

  • Re­s­al­­ta­­do de si­n­­ta­­xis:

    Y no "en teo­­­ría", co­­­mo QTex­tE­­dit y de­­má­s! Edi­­tor pue­­de re­s­al­­tar un mo­n­­tón de len­­gua­­jes po­r­­que usa GNU sou­r­­ce hi­­gh­­li­­ght via el Sou­r­­ce Hi­­gh­­li­­ght Qt de Lo­­­reno Be­­­tti­­ni.

  • Co­­­rre­c­­tor or­­to­­­grá­­fi­­co

    Si in­s­­ta­­lás PyEn­­chant con los di­c­­cio­­­na­­rios co­­­rre­c­­to­­s, ha­­ce co­­­rre­c­­ción or­­to­­­grá­­fi­­ca on­­li­­ne.

  • Wi­­dge­­ts de Bus­­car y Bus­­car y Ree­m­­pla­­zar

    La cla­­se Edi­­tor te da li­n­­dos wi­­dge­­ts pa­­ra bus­­car y bus­­car y ree­m­­pla­­zar ya co­­­ne­c­­ta­­dos con el wi­­dget del edi­­to­­­r, pa­­ra que lo agre­­gues fá­­ci­l­­men­­te a tu apli­­ca­­ció­­n.

  • Mé­­to­­­dos new/o­­­pen/s­a­ve/s­a­vea­s:

    No im­­ple­­men­­tes abri­­r/­­gua­r­­da­­r, etc! Eso es sie­m­­pre el mis­­mo có­­­di­­go!

Oja­lá le sir­va a al­guien más :-)

hajs / 2010-02-23 16:46:

Nice. FYI: I worked on a QPlainTextEdit widget, too. Some preview videos are available at
Code will be released soon (after I cleaned up some stuff).

Roberto Alsina / 2010-02-23 16:55:

Whoa, that's seriously impressive widgetry!

D3f0 / 2010-02-23 22:16:

I've been working for a project called Prymatex for a month or so, the main goal is to produce a programmer text editor compatible with TextMate's bundle set, released unnder GNU GPL (TextMate is propietary code, but the syntax, commands, templates, etc. are not). Although it's a GPL editor, it has lots of thing that need to be polished.

Right now we're struggling with cytpes and Oniguruma, but there's a lot to be done regarding to QTextEdit and I belive your code will be very helpful. Are you going to mantain the project and maybe become an alternative to QScinitlla o C++'s QCodeEdit?

Thanks for sharing :)

Yuri Malheiros / 2010-02-24 00:17:

OMG, CodeAide seems awesome!

Anonymouse / 2010-02-24 02:48:

How hard would it be to implement multiple selections with QtTextEdit? ( ala )

Roberto Alsina / 2010-02-25 00:29:

QTextEdit already supports multiple selections, AFAIK, there's just no UI to actually use them. I'll take a look at that link in a moment to see if I understood you corretly (right now, I need to make pizza!)

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