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Marave 0.1 liberado, necesita testers!

¿Qué es Ma­ra­ve?

Ma­ra­ve es un edi­tor que no te dis­trae. Tie­ne una in­ter­faz de pan­ta­lla com­ple­ta, y la ma­yor par­te del tiem­po, mien­tras es­cri­bís, se ve só­lo tu tex­to, y tal vez un fon­do.


Por su­pues­to que es bas­tan­te con­fi­gu­ra­ble:


Al­gu­nos de los fea­tu­res:

  • Fo­n­­dos pe­r­­so­­­na­­li­­za­­dos (i­­má­­ge­­nes o co­­­lo­­­res)

  • Ti­­po­­­gra­­fía co­n­­fi­­gu­­ra­­ble

  • El edi­­tor pue­­de ca­m­­biar de ta­­ma­­ño po­­­si­­ción u opa­­ci­­da­­d.

  • In­­te­r­­faz "des­­va­­ne­­cien­­te", cuan­­do es­­cri­­bís, to­­­do des­a­pa­­re­­ce.

  • Mú­­si­­ca op­­cio­­­nal (por aho­­­ra apun­­ta a strea­­ming de au­­dio, tal vez pro­n­­to soun­­d­s­­ca­­pes)

  • Op­­cio­­­nal fee­­dba­­ck de au­­dio de te­­cla­­do (por si ex­­tra­­ñas la Oli­­ve­­tti)

  • So­­­po­r­­ta te­­mas

  • Co­­­rre­c­­tor or­­to­­­grá­­fi­­co mu­l­­ti­­li­n­­güe (re­­quie­­re pyen­­chan­­t)

Ma­ra­ve es­tá im­ple­men­ta­do usan­do Py­Q­t, por lo que de­be­ría fun­cio­nar en to­das las pla­ta­for­mas prin­ci­pa­les de es­cri­to­rio, Win­do­ws, Li­nux y Mac OS­X, mien­tras ten­gas Py­Qt ins­ta­la­do.

En el fu­tu­ro, bi­na­rios sen­ci­llos de uti­li­zar se pro­vee­rán pa­ra Win­do­ws y Ma­c.

Es­ta ver­sión no es­tá com­ple­ta. Es­pe­cí­fi­ca­men­te:

  • Bus­­ca­­r+­­Ree­m­­pla­­zar no fun­­cio­­­na

  • Pue­­de ha­­ber co­n­­fi­­gu­­ra­­cio­­­nes no im­­ple­­men­­ta­­das

Des­car­ga Ma­ra­ve 0.1

OJO! 0.2 dis­po­ni­ble, en http://­co­de.­google.­co­m/­p/­ma­ra­ve/­do­wn­load­s/­list

bdgraue / 2010-02-04 21:22:

thanks for your work. really love it. couldn't do it myself, thats why i asked about it at really cool to have such a great community. i hope i can help with testing and reporting bugs and wishes :)

Roberto Alsina / 2010-02-04 22:28:

Glad you liked it :-)

jjconti / 2010-02-04 22:44:

Ahora que tenés este editor que te permite escribir en forma relax... vas a tener que sacar el libro!

Roberto Alsina / 2010-02-05 01:11:

Jajaja capaz que sí che.

andreasjung / 2010-02-05 05:20:

How many editors do we need in the world? A completely waste of time.....

Roberto Alsina / 2010-02-06 03:39:

How many silly comments do we need in the world? A complete waste of time...

BTW: "complete" and an ellipsis are 3 (three) dots.

bdgraue / 2010-02-06 08:44:

u don't get the idea. it is not "yet another editor". try marave to see what it is at all. if someone likes to write texts in a creative way and don't need the "normal" distractions an editor have, with all the buttons and options, the author might get distracted, even if thats just a little bit, he might lose the focus of something and his work might not be the same as it can be with marave.
but maybe you think that writing books/texts/whatever is a complete waste of time, too ;)

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