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El shareware siempre me pareció raro

Me pre­gun­to por­que es­toy bas­tan­te se­gu­ro de que pue­do clo­nar­lo en un fin de se­ma­na.

Es muy bá­si­co, so­lo pa­ra Ma­c...

Y sin em­bar­go el au­tor pi­de U$S40 por la ver­sion fu­ll! Sa­ben qué? Si al­guien me pro­me­te U$S400 le pro­me­to:

  • Una apli­­ca­­ción de ca­­ra­c­­te­­rís­­ti­­cas si­­mi­­la­­res

  • Open Sou­r­­ce

  • Mu­l­­ti­­pla­­ta­­fo­r­­ma (Wi­n/­­Ma­­c/­­Li­­nux por lo me­­no­­s)

En una se­ma­na. Mien­tras ha­go mi tra­ba­jo y cui­do a mi ne­ne.

En rea­li­dad no es­pe­ro que me lle­ve más de un día de pro­gra­mar en se­rio, y U$S400 es más de lo que co­bro pa­ra eso ;-)

Si no la ter­mi­no, no me dan el di­ne­ro y se que­dan con el có­di­go, igual es­ta­ría en un re­po­si­to­rio pú­bli­co pa­ra ver co­mo avan­za.

Ankur / 2009-03-15 17:01:

The reason why ppl buy application even today is coz they are naive when it comes to computers.

1) Most don't know about FOSS/open source alternatives,
2) Opinion that what is paid is better than what is free.

While we geeks/computer programmer give that 100 yard stare and say WTF I ain't paying for that.

Alexei Vinidiktov / 2009-03-16 03:50:

Not all shareware is basic, not all of it can be cloned in one week.

Besides, there's much more to it than just coding. Design can take a lot of time. In fact design may take much more time than the execution. That's why it is so easy to clone an existing project - because the cloner doesn't have to repeat the longest and hardest design part of the project.

Roberto Alsina / 2009-03-16 10:40:

@Alexei: sure, but a lot is. And it's not like this is the first outliner ever!

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