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The shortest URL you will find anywhere

For exam­ple, this blo­g's URL would be http://➡.ws/콢

As you can see the­re is a tiny arrow (thus the na­me of the ser­vi­ce) and a see­min­gly ko­rean cha­rac­te­r.

The do­main na­me is le­ga­l, tha­t's just a one-­cha­rac­ter uni­co­de na­me, whi­ch see­ms to be le­gal ac­cor­ding to the ru­les of the ws TL­D. Then a uni­co­de pa­th, again just one cha­rac­te­r.

Sin­ce uni­co­de has se­ve­ral thou­sand gl­y­phs, it is con­cei­ba­ble that about a tri­llion URLs could be do­ne using on­ly a 3-­le­tter pa­th, whi­ch is pre­tty awe­so­me.

Of cour­se you pro­ba­bly can't ty­pe the damn things, but you can co­p­y&­pas­te the­m.

If any of this does­n't wo­rk for you, get on the uni­co­de wa­gon al­read­y!

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