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uRSSus: first post 0.2.10 features (has screenie)

It's run­ning pre­ty sta­ble (at least for me) so I de­cid­ed to fix some is­sues and add some fea­tures. First a screen­shot:


And now tex­t:

  • A new fea­­ture that al­­so fix­es an is­­sue:

    vgar­­vardt asked about sort­ing by feed,­­for ex­am­­ple when read­­ing a fold­er. Im­­ple­­men­t­ed it us­ing a "feed" col­umn that you can en­able/dis­­able. Since your choice is per­­sis­ten­t, there's no need to add a con­­fig­u­ra­­tion op­­tion to the di­a­log.

  • Im­­por­­tant is now Starred. I rel­­ly like google's idea of us­ing stars at hand to mark things im­­por­­tan­t. So, there they are. The star icon I did my­­self, in Inkscape, try­ing to re­spect the Rein­hardt style. I think it looks nice.

  • Google News feed­s! Yes, I know I could just go to http://news.­­google.­­com, make a search and sub­­scribe to the re­­sults page. Can my mom? Nope. So, when adding new feed, just choose "Cre­ate google news feed" en­ter some key­­word­s, and it's ready.

    I need to add "cus­­tom field­­s" to the feed con­­fig di­alog, though, since once it's cret­ed it's just a reg­u­lar feed with a long URL.

  • Al­­so did some per­­for­­mance and re­li­a­­bil­i­­ty work, and cur­rent SVN (r476) is ac­­tu­al­­ly quite a bit nicer than 0.2.10 al­ready. So there may be an­oth­er re­lease soon­ish.

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