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Urssus: July 23rd (early)

So I did work on it a lit­tle last night:

  • Feed/­­Fold­er con­­text menus

  • Open Feed Home­­­page ac­­tion

  • New Feed (us­es Mark Pil­­grim's feedfind­­, which is awe­­some)

  • New Fold­er

  • Delete Feed/­­Fold­er

  • Some UI fix­es (fi­­nal­­ly fig­ured out how to make a QTree­View's head­­ers look right!)

  • Some bug­­fix­es in tree traver­s­ing (where else ;-)

  • Im­­ple­­men­t­ed "fetch the web page in­­stead of the feed con­­tents" op­­tion for feeds (be­­cause of your an­noy­ing feed, DZone!)

Sad­ly no vis­i­ble changes, so a screen­shot would be use­less.

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