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Buenísimo: tengo mi invitación para Google App Engine!

¿Por­qué? Por­que no me pue­do co­nec­tar a Ha­los­can des­de mi ca­sa.

Some Guy / 2008-04-21 19:31:

When did you apply? I tried yesterday, but they said that they had reached their limit already.

Roberto Alsina / 2008-04-21 20:00:

I applied the day it was announced, I suppose they are working down their waiting list...

Some Guy / 2008-04-21 20:11:

I see. Thanks!

Some Guy / 2008-04-22 16:21:

Let me ask you one more question, if I can. Doesn't moving into web applications really mean leaving Python behind? There's so much client-side Javascript that needs to exist these days just to make the app usable (by today's standards). I want to code it in Python, but that's not an option.

Roberto Alsina / 2008-04-23 11:38:

Using a nice JS toolkit (I use mostly YUI) most of what you write is JS glue.

But yeah, you need to code in two languages. JS sucks, but it's doable in small doses :-)

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